Workshop 5th & 6th June

-Clear feeling-

It is in a magnificent place overlooking the tropical forest and opening onto the
Pacific Ocean, that we will have the pleasure of discovering the unique teachings of
the Hanka school.


In a beautiful place for an immersion in a bubble of sweetness and nature

Awakening our innate potential, being able to feel and measure energy.
Raise your vibration and your consciousness.
Discover and be aware of the spiritual world, better understanding of your divine
potential and the path to realize it.

Two 2-day workshop:
Learn to feel and measure energy with your hands!
Connect with Luminous and Positive Presences.

      During this two-day workshop, we will learn to feel and identify the vibratory
character of what surrounds us. We will try to get you beyond the veil that separates
you from a greater awareness of yourself.
     Practice and theory will be alternated for optimal progress: deepening your
perception of the subtle and energetic aspects of the world around us, advancing on
the path to awakening, but also measuring energy, determining the energy quality of
food, water, a mineral or an energy treatment. These are all essential aspects for
gaining discernment on a daily basis.
    Whether on the physical or more subtle level, we will discover the keys allowing us to
improve our well-being but also, to acquire better discernment, an ever greater
awareness of ourselves and of the world around us.

Hosted by Yohan Anatayha
Master of Formation, he is dedicated to raising consciousness
for more than 10 years.
Bioenergetic Therapist / Geobiologist
Training, Consultations and Expertise
Co-director of the Hanka Foundation
President of the Hyzaekû association


His journey :
17 years of Meditation Practice
12 years as a Bioenergetic Therapist and Geobiologist
10 years of experience in training in the fields of Bioenergy, Interior and spiritual
development as well as in Geobiology of the habitat and the sacred.

More than 10,000 people supported:
An experience as a Bioenergetic Therapist and Geobiologist based on several
thousand interventions carried out in these two fields. As well as a specialization in
the treatment of complex energy and spiritual issues.
My achievements and my experience allow me today to intervene on all types of
energy pollution affecting a person or a place.

More than a decade of experience as a trainer and therapist allows me to share the
keys to awakening and the inner and spiritual path. Wisdom, light and awareness are
on the program of these unique seminars.

My know-how to intervene remotely has allowed me to act in many countries:
France, Switzerland, England, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Belgium, Portugal,
Austria, United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela,
Argentina, Peru, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Italy, Morocco, Benin, Cameroon,
Senegal, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar, Indonesia (Bali).
I teach in French but also in Spanish, so I have already given training in India,
Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Guadeloupe and

Seminar June 2023 in Samara - Costa Rica
In an exceptional place, we will be able to experience a time devoted to the spiritual.
Meditate, strengthen our energy centers, receive advanced energy treatments and
initiations in a natural setting open to the ocean.
Several accommodations are offered near the place of the training by Amandine our

The contact details for accommodation are sent to you by email.

Samara Beach is minutes from the training location, will complement the infinity pool
with stunning ocean views. In order to combine awakening and relaxation in the best

Limited places
Registration deadlines June 3th, 2023

Price: 215dollars (200€) /2-day module.
By reservation:

For the proposed accommodation and meals, the information will be sent to you in
response to your email.
Participants of the June 2023 session will be given priority for the next modules in
the region.

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